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The Quiet Social Network

No algorithms
No ads
Just friends

archaic something that has a calming or soothing effect.

What We're Not

The Next-Gen Social Network

Quietus is a brand new social network, but not a next-generation social network. It's a return to simpler times. We think less is more.

Here For Your Data

Notice the lack of cookie popup on this page? That's because there are none. We don't want your data, now, or ever.

An Ad Network

We don't like getting ads and we know you don't either. We believe that relying on ads to pay the bills is a low effort solution that would be a betrayal of our users. We're not going to do it.


No Algorithms

  • See updates from your friends in chronological order
  • Only see content from your friends
  • No promotions, recommendations, or trends


Trying to keep everything is a mistake. Users have shown that ephemeral content is king. We're following suit because it works.

What you get:

  • Stories: Snapchat pioneered them, Instagram perfected them. Credit where credit is due.
  • A single status message: Once upon a time AIM and MSN away messages were the way we shared our thoughts to the world. Twitter took that idea, and made them forever. We're going old-school.
  • A single long form post: Sometimes you just need to write. Twitlonger exists for a reason, and we're rolling it in.

Organic Networking

MySpace and the early days of Facebook nailed this. You could find people you knew without it being pushed on you, and we want to return to that.

  • Top 6: Just like MySpace's classic feature that forged some bonds and broke others, but always kept people entertained. For legal reasons we're changing it from 8 to 6.
  • Friends, not followers: We think connecting people should be the core a social network so all connections go both ways.
  • No search: We're still torn on this one, but we like the idea of having to know someone's ID to add them.

Profile Customization

Another feature that MySpace pioneered that we want to adopt. We're not quite as extreme, but we're there in spirit.

A profile on Quietus can have these optional elements which can be arranged in any order:

  • A standard header (profile photo, short bio, links, the usual)
  • 3 text boxes
  • 6 photos
  • Frames, accents, color palettes (our monetization strategy)